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Below are the 5 most recent journal entries recorded in normal_x_couple's LiveJournal:

Friday, July 29th, 2005
4:19 pm
I opened the door of the building for her, letting her in first. Buffy was such a tiny thing, and I liked her, so I felt like I had to protect. We walked through the hall until we got to her room. She unlocked the door and I followed her inside, closing the door behind me.

"Cute room."

*Tag my bodacious Buffy*
Tuesday, June 28th, 2005
11:07 pm
Walsh looked somewhat pleased when she saw me training. She knew I had showed up early just to rectify my early mistakes. After the session she gave me a small nod. It told me I was back in her good graces. It was easy to piss her off but it was easy for me to fix any problems...I was her favorite, everyone knew that.

Stepping out of the elevator I went straight to the bathroom and showered. I was slightly sore so after I got out I took my vitamins. By the time I was finished dressing I felt a hundred and ten percent. With a grin I walked out and down the stairs heading to Buffy's dorm.

I walked in and smiled when Buffy came into my view.

*Tag Buffy*
Monday, June 27th, 2005
9:53 pm
a wonderful night
I walked inside my dorm room, smiling to myself. I closed the door behind me and leaned my back against it. I grinned, bringing my hand up and touching my cheek again. Oh god, I'm such a loser. I walked into my bathroom and washed up.

I came out and noticed a note on the side table. It was from my roomate. She would be out late tonight and to keep the door open for her. I crumpled it up and threw it away, lying down in my bed. I sighed happily to myself and layed down, closing my eyes, falling asleep with a smile on my face.

I awoke the next morning from the nice, familiar sound of my ringing alarm clock. I sat up and stretched my arms out, looking over at my roomate, Lauren. She was still sound asleep. My god. That girl could sleep through anything.

I slowly got out of bed and went into the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror. "Oh, don't I look lovely." I mumbled to myself, touching my hair, which was a mess. I sighed, turning the shower water on. I totally forgot to get a shower last night, I was so excited from my date with Riley.

I got my shower done. It sort of woke me up. I simply straightened my hair and put it half up half down. I found a cute outfit to wear and I was out the door for my first class.

((open to my Riley))

Current Mood: cranky
Monday, June 20th, 2005
12:56 am
oh so nervous
I hurried home so I could get ready for when I would meet Riley in a bit. When I got in, I immediately ran upstairs and jumped in the shower. I got out and decided to do something different with my hair. I was going to curl it for a change. I usually just wore it straight or up. But, for some reason, I think Riley will like it curly.

I went into my room and opened my closet. So many outfits to choose from, but not knowing which one to pick. Ugh. Sometimes I hated havig so much clothes.

Finally, I picked out this cute skirt with a blousy like top, and my knee high black boots. I looked really good if I may say so myself. It was about quarter to 6 and now I was rushing to get back to the college. After putting on as much coverup as my skin would allow, I ran out of the house and got to the college in no time.

I came down to the cafeteria and saw some guys look at me as I came in. I smiled to myself. Well, at least I know Riley will like my look if they do. I went over and sat at a table, waiting for him to come.

((oh Riley, where are you!?))

Current Mood: nervous
Saturday, June 18th, 2005
12:49 pm
another long day of boring classes..
I walked into my last class for the day and plopped my stuff next to the first seat I could find. I was so not in the best of moods today. Maybe some part of that was because of the nice shiner I now have on my right eye and upper cheek. I sat down and put my hair along the one side of my face, trying my best to hide it. That son of a bitch. That vamp was tougher and stronger than most of the others I've seen around the campus. He caught me off guard for not even a split second, and wham, nice blacke eye for Buffy.

I slowly brought my hand up and lightly touced it, wincing at the pain as I did so. I was okay though. But, for some reason, my coverup and my slayer healing powers didn't seem to wanna do their job right now. I sighed, as I saw the teacher come in and I took out my books and a pen, ready to start class.

I was trying so hard to at least stay awake. I had been out slaying for most of the night. The vamps just kept like coming and coming. It was really weird. But, thank god the worst I got was a black eye. I'd be better in a few days. I randomly decided to glance over at the other side of the room and bam. There he was. The cutest guy I had seen in a long time. I wasn't exactly sure what his name was, after all school had just started last week. But, man was he gorgeous. And talk about arm muscle. Damn, this guy has got that part down cold. I guess I was caught up in staring at him, that I didn't realize he had been looking at me back. I immediately turned my head away when I finally snapped myself out of my little trane and I felt my cheeks blush when he smiled at me.

When class was over, I hurried out of there so fast. I was scared he would talk to me. And looking at my condition right now, I don't think I really want him to talk to me right now anyway. Well, if he asks about my black eye, I'll just say that I ran into a door, or the wall. That's something I would do anyway. Ask anyone, they'd tell ya.

I stopped halfway down the hall and turned around, just in time to see him coming out of class, and just my luck, in my direction. I sighed, looking down and suprisingly, not moving away. Oh god, oh god, here he comes. I wanted to just run, but for some odd reason, I couldn't get my legs to work. Great Buffy, yeah, stand there looking like an idiot drooling all over this guy.

((open to the tall and handsome Riley hehe))

Current Mood: nervous
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